VINTAGE Taliang/Katu Ceremonial Shirt & Loincloth

VINTAGE Taliang/Katu Ceremonial Shirt & Loincloth

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The Taliang and Katu are Austroasiatic groups in southern Laos and weave cloth on back-strap body-tension looms.

According to Mae Phat, the weaver of this ceremonial combination, this type of ceremonial dress are worn during the Lunar New Year festival when buffaloes are sacrificed to appease the ancestral spirits.  Mae Phat is one of the remaining few from the Taliang and Katu ethnic groups in southern Laos that are still able to weave this more complicated style of loincloth.

The loincloth incorporate many weaving techniques: supplementary warp, weft wrapping on the fringes, twining done on the knit-like section, and plain weave.  Beads are threaded onto the weft beforehand and inlaid into the cloth. Formerly made from tiny, hard seeds of the Job's tears plant, the beads are now made with plastic.

Handwoven in Attapeu, Laos



Indigenous cotton threads with plastic beads



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