The 'bahn' in Bahn Studios means 'home' in Lao & Thai, serves as a nod to where it all started -at home- or rather, working from home, during the pandemic.

Bahn Studios is a Portland-based sustainable art wear brand founded by creative designer & sewist Vanny Deez. The brand is dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind, upcycled, handcrafted small batch clothing from dead stock and vintage materials. 

Most of Bahn Studios' silhouettes are gender neutral and made in one size per style to reduce waste and a commitment to a style rather than a size. 

Whether it's a cartoon character from your childhood, grandma's tablecloth, or a whimsical print, we believe your clothing should make you feel comfortable and cozy, just like the way home makes you feel.

Welcome to Bahn Studios :)





Vanny Deez wearing a camp shirt sewn from vintage tablecloths.