Twin Naga Chest Bag - Leather Finish

Twin Naga Chest Bag - Leather Finish

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Add some je ne sais quoi to your outfit by adding this stunning accessory. Wear it as a chest bag or a fanny pack!

The silk textile is all made by hand - from rearing silkworms and reeling each mulberry silk yarn, dyeing each color, and then hand weaving to have a completed fabric. The weaving in itself is extraordinary as the it is essentially handpicked line by line to create not just a pattern, but the story the weaver is trying to tell. Read more about its provenance below.

This chest bag features:

  • indigo silk foreground with textile in front and leather in the back and top of the bag.

  • brass hardware

  • interior pocket and zippered exterior pocket for your phone and cash for safekeeping

  • snaps for easy on and off (2 adjustable snaps)

  • adjustable buckle so it can be tightened on your waist or if you decide to sling it across your chest

  • each piece would have a different pattern placement since it would be cut from the same cloth which means each is unique!

  • comes with a dust bag handmade by Bahn Studios

Dimensions: 6” x 3.75” x 12”

adjustable buckle can accommodate circumference of 36“- 55” (+/- an inch or so)

back zipper opening 7.5”, front zipper opening 10”


Tai Daeng weavers are some of the most prolific weavers in Laos and Vietnam. One of forty-nine officially recognized ethnic groups in Laos and fifty-four in Vietnam, the Tai Daeng practice their own, distinct textile traditions. Floor looms are a staple in every village home where women learn to weave at an early age. Tai Daeng women are renowned for their mulberry silk textiles where they raise their own silkworms, forage the forest to gather materials to make natural dyes, and process the silk all without using modern machinery. Their weaving are complex spider-like patterns that have hidden motifs and imagery as their beliefs are rooted in animism. The handwoven textile used in this chest bag is from the Sam Neau region of northeastern Laos and was cut from a ceremonial cloth with images of double crested nagas, hong birds, and colorful diamonds. The naga represents protection from sickness, hong birds symbolizes status, and diamond signifies wisdom. Learn more about mythological creatures.


Please ask questions and request additional photos as this is a handcrafted item, it is final sale.

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