Periwinkle Lattice Katu Cotton Shawl

Periwinkle Lattice Katu Cotton Shawl

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The Katu ethnic group is one of the Austroasiatic groups in southern Laos known for creating beaded designs onto a handwoven cloth.  They use a back-strap body-tension looms by threading beads onto the weft and inlaying it into the cloth. Formerly made from tiny, hard seeds of the Job's tears plant, the beads are now made with plastic. Shapes such as flowers and Buddha leaves are very common in their traditional designs.

This textile was traditionally used as a ceremonial shawl in red and black, but now softer colors are replacing the traditional colors and more popularly used as a table runner and wall hanging.

Size: Approximately 58.5” ( + 6” fringes) X 13.25”

Fabric: Naturally dyed cotton with plastic beads.

Care: Hand wash with mild soap. Line dry. Use iron on low as necessary.

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