Twinning Vintage Textile for Upcylcing

Twinning Vintage Textile for Upcylcing

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This is a piece of vintage textile deconstructed from a bag. It was handwoven by the White Tai ethnic group of Vietnam. The White Tai have maintained their traditional way of life in the valleys and mountains of northern Vietnam and Laos. In White Tai culture, daughters inherit weaving techniques from their mothers beginning at a young age. Because their religious beliefs are rooted in animism (the belief in a supernatural power that enlivens the material world), the intricate designs of their textiles are said to subtly depict the weavers' souls.

The White Tai and Red Tai share similar beliefs about animism. You may read more about mythological creatures and symbols woven into textiles here.

This beautiful piece can be upcycled into pillows, bags, or sewn on a back of a denim jacket! It’s perfect for any sewing project to feature the twin nagas!

Dimensions: 23” x 19”

Fabric: Exterior is vintage handwoven silk and handwoven indigenous cotton with interfacing and lined with cotton muslin.

Care: Hand wash only with mild detergent. 

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