Khao San Short Jacket

Khao San Short Jacket

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This statement short sleeve short sleeve jacket adds dimension and comfort to your wardrobe year-round. Wraps loosely around the body with an open closure. Features an interior deep pocket for your phone or small essentials, as well as one exterior right pocket. Contrast patterned ikat trim on sleeves and collar. Pair with your favorite jeans or a wide leg pants for an artistic feel.

Sizing: The Patchwork Short Jacket is hung on a size 8 dress form. Can fit up to to women’s L (12-14) & men’s M. Body length 31.5”; Body width 26.5'“

Fabric: Ikat trim is indigo dyed cotton weft & polyester warp and handwoven by the Pu Tai of Laos. The body is hand-spun organic cotton that has been dipped five times in indigo and handwoven by the Tai Daeng of Vietnam.

Care: The fabric has not been washed after being handwoven as to keep the deep blue indigo hue. The Pu Tai and the Tai Daeng artisans have maintained that wearing the fabric helps ward of mosquitoes and have relished the sweet smell of freshly dyed indigo. However, if you must wash the fabric, there will still be some bleeding from the next few washes- that’s ok because the indigo dye is plant-based. We recommend hand wash only in lukewarm water (with a very small amount of mild detergent if necessary). Please do not hang in direct sunlight as that will cause excessive fading. Cool iron.

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